Survey objectives completed despite the weather.

Despite challenging weather conditions 24 hardy volunteers participated in our latest detailed measurement (Level 3) survey north of Cawfields Gap.  For several it was their first experience of landscape survey, but guidance from more experienced members of the group and training by Pete Scofield of Oxford Archaeology North in survey techniques and the use of survey equipment soon had everyone playing a full part.

On the first two days we surveyed a couple of earthwork structures on a remote exposed hill which is also crossed by a Roman aqueduct. Later in the week we focused upon two pairs of ring ditches, remains of prehistoric timber built round houses, several cairns, some newly discovered rock art and tracts of prehistoric cord rig.

Full details of the results of this and the three previous surveys we have carried out this year as part of our Heritage Lottery Fund and Northumberland National Park supported Beyond the Wall : Edges Green project will be published later. Our blog will update on this in due course.

One thought on “Survey objectives completed despite the weather.

  1. Well done indeed to those hardy volunteers! It looks like a really interesting area, with lots going on. I look forward to reading the report in due course

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