Stan Beckensall Rock Art Talk

Over the next couple of months small teams of our Beyond the Wall volunteers will be carrying out visits to various rock art sites in Tynedale in order to carry out condition assessments using the Newcastle University CARE app and photographing for 3D photogrammetric modelling. It was therefore great to attend the talk on Prehistoric Rock Art given by our group’s president Stan Beckensall  at Hexham Abbey last night. Brilliant to see Stan in such good fettle talking about the subject to which he has made such an immense contribution. The full house audience were absolutely fascinated by his talk and the array of stunning images he presented. As quite a number of people were unable to get tickets Stan will be doing the talk again next week, Monday 16th Jan at 7.30pm in the Priors Hall, Hexham Abbey. No tickets this time, just turn up (early, as Stan is a prompt starter). £4 admission in aid of Tynedale Hospice at Home. Highly recommended.


One thought on “Stan Beckensall Rock Art Talk

  1. Yes it was indeed a great talk. I would highly recommend going if you missed it. Stan is so knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, and the slides were tremendous


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