Aerial Photography Workshop

We were immensely pleased that our first training workshop  was led by Tim Gates. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Tim carried out an aerial survey along parts of the Hadrian’s Wall Corridor which revealed hundreds of previously unrecorded archaeological sites within just a few miles of the heavily surveyed Roman Wall. The report that Tim produced for Northumberland National Park has been the inspiration, guide and primary source of information for our work since founder members began surveying the local area in 2012, prior to the formation of the community group a year later. The quality of Tim’s work has long been very highly by professional archaeologists and community volunteers alike.




Tim gave an initial presentation of images from his aerial survey illustrating the types of site often to be found in the landscape in the vicinity of the Roman Wall. Astonishingly some major sites had previously remained unnoticed despite being within a few hundred metres of well-researched Roman sites.The main purpose of the workshop was to provide volunteers with the opportunity to study aerial photos of the area with guidance from Tim. Participants worked together in small groups before reporting back on what they had discovered on their aerial photos.

The full house of volunteers all agreed that the workshop had been both highly enjoyable and very instructive, and all agreed that they had learned a great deal from Tim’s presentation and guidance. The workshop was to be followed up by Tim joining volunteers in the field for a day during the next survey.





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